Sunday, July 10, 2016

ASUS update Dual Intellegent Processors 5 (DIP5) error loading appicon fix

  Asus recently released a new version of native software to overclock and to monitor their motherboards. Few words first. This software some users found buggy, other report not effective - preferring manual overclocking. IMHO this utility is worth trying especially if you are new to overclocking and afraid to burn the CPU or memory or other chips. Another reason to using it is ability to easy control Asus`s custom controllers - EPU and TPU those are using for better control stability and power consumption of your system. But this software really have some problems with Windows even though you can ignore most of this errors. For example,  in Win 8 and Windows 10 when system starts there is an error when  starting DIP power service and this leads to set your power mode every time when system starts - not serious  but a bit annoying.
 So that is why every update users wait and hope bugs will be fixed and it will  become more useful.

   This update , according to ASUS site description, addressed to make it compatible with Intel ITMB driver but in fact it appears to be a completely new version of DIP5 software. It have re-designed interface. Seems to me that Asus has been working on new version Ai3 suite while Intel has begun shipping its new CPU`s 6xxx series aka Broadwell-E.  It has new ITMB 3.0 version (you can read more about Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology ). Asus rushed to make this updated version  available for download and miss the other applications from this suite (Ai Charger+, USB Charger, USB 3.0 boost, Push Notice etc) And this leads users, who have previous version of Ai3 suite, got errors after installing this updates. 
Here is a simple fix of this image errors.

First solution is to remove previous version of Ai3 suite including all its components:
Ai Charger+, USB 3.0(1) boots, Push Notice, USB Charger, EZ Update, System Information.
Its good idea to reboot and do Ai Cleaner to remove any settings left after previous Ai3 suite.
Then install new DIP5 and enjoy life!   If you need any of those apps - at least USB 3.0 boost personally I found useful - you have to install them from previous Ai3 suite (when you start installer from old version of AI3 suite it will show that DIP5 already installed and you can continue installing only missing apps) but after that you will need to fix AppIcon error manually  as I described below or wait when Asus release completely new suite.

Second solution (if you want to keep all Ai3 suite apps, not only DIP5).
As I wrote in first solution - remove all old version of Ai3 (recommended) and install new DIP5 1.03.50 package. Then, start installer from previous Ai3 suite and check what else you want to install from this suite. After that you will need to put AppIcon.png file into applications directory where it searching for image. For example if error windows shows "Can not load image C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\EZ Update\res_gadget\AppIcon\appicon.png". Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\EZ Update\res_gadget\AppIcon\ and copy there  image file appicon.png
   I took one here "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III\Version\Resource\AppIcon\appicon.png").
     Or you can took one as template and draw your own icons ) After you put appicon.png to all location where error requester points.

Enjoy !


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