Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MotoMods are Moto Fail

A bit less then a week ago  Lenovo presented a new Moto(rola) model - Moto Z and Moto Z Force.
I am following the ex-Motorola Mobility`s life with a special interest. It looks like Lenovo has no idea how to deal with Motorola`s legacy. And , sad to say, seems that I was right. After 2015 year when they (Lenovo) made  just another  remake of the Moto X generation without any serious innovations - only one that is shutter proof screen - they decided to do something.  First was new Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus -I am going to skip talk about this models because there is nothing interesting to say about them. I note only that this models looks more like another - ZUK (Lenovo`s other brand) model. Hard to notice anything that will looks like Moto style design. Previous G models also had simple design but they looks much nicer.
     Now Moto Z - they try to repeat the success of Razr models, but if you had Razrs in your hand , you noticed that its not just about thickness! It is  also had unique , special , interesting design. While Moto Z more looks like a thin iPhone clone. And that is very sad!  And that fingerprint scanner that looks exactly like Samsung`s home button and makes front panel looks like Samsung's phones.
So many users on different forums and sites wrote about that nice dimple on the Moto phones back is just ideal for put there a fingerprint scanner. After all this years since Atrix released ! I have a very positive experience of using it and should say that put this sensor on back side (on power button) was extremely comfortable for user. Comfortable to unlock the phone with using just one hand. But it is not the worse part. Another strange thing is only one speaker  - obviously there is no place for loud speaker one front panel (because of fingerprint scanner) and on the back panel because of Moto Mods.
  Speaking about hardware - nothing special - such specifications i.e. processor, ram size. internal disk , screen , camera etc will be on most flagship phones from other companies. And I guess some companies will be able to make this hardware cheaper. About software - also nothing new - usual Android stuff + Moto Actions + few already standard   for Moto phones apps.  Lenovo claims that their connector on the backside opens fantastic possibilities  for third party hardware developers for making custom modules to "extend"   phone possibilities and there are many reviews already on the Internet telling about advantages of this. I am going to tell you why it is a bad idea and that it is a real mistake of Lenovo.
   At first lets try to imagine what kind of Mods (except decorative panels) we may need for the phone. Most of them has been shown in Lenovo`s  event video.
   1. Sound booster.   - Will you buy this mod, that working only with this particular phone, if you know that for the same price you can buy  JBL with Bluetooth that will work with any BT device including this phone ? Especially if you will know that in next year Lenovo `s next Moto phone will not be compatible with this mod ? I suppose your answer is "NO".
  2.  Projector - Do you really going to spend $300 for this mod that working with just this particular model and will not be compatible with  future Moto models  ?
   3. Photo camera mod - also doubtfully because of the price for this MotoMod and also I guess you prefer to buy stand alone camera that is able to send photos directly to your phone using WiFi or BT and that will work with any phone and plus , can work alone! 
   4. Power bank - well, this one is a good idea - to  add more power to your phone with just a simple thing, but then again - it will work only with this phone unless, of course , they will make  USB connector to connect other devices.
    5.  Decorate panels - good idea - its really good idea to make this panels easy swapable  but it does not need any connectors and having magnet in your pocket can make problems with credit cards etc.

  Also to be able to attach those modes you have to take a small bag to store those mods to be able to use them when ever you need. 
   But the future of this mods for me is unclear. Do Lenovo realize that to make current mods  compatible with future models of Moto phones they are lock to current phone design ? Next Moto phone should have the same size of back panel, same form of case, camera should be on the same place , no curves of the backside otherwise they will lose comparability of MotoMods and  it will turn to an expensive toy without serious intentions from third party companies. They will need to make MotoMods for Moto Z 2016, another for Moto Z 2017 etc. It is fine for decorative panels or cases because they are cheap and you will not care much about $5 stuff, but I think you will not buy projector for  $300 without being able to use it with next year model or any other phone - you will be lock with the phone model. Or even $60 JBL speakers ?

 Moto Z itself will be one among other Chinese phones (just very thin) and MotoMods will be forgotten very soon . Do you remember Atrix (2011) ? Docks, remote controls, Laptop docks ? where are they ? Motorola change connector position every year forcing  people to swap all this stuff with phone ! Looks like no one in Lenovo read Motorola Mobility`s history so they repeat Moto mistakes!

I liked Motorola`s phones - they were unique and I like Lenovo`s notebooks and tablets. I hope Lenovo will make a wise move and cancel MotoMods program before autumn , before release dates and will leave only Moto Z and Z force + decorative panels . It will be compromise before Moto will develope something serious. 

P.S.  To install Tango in to Moto Z Force will be much better idea then MotoMods.

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