Saturday, January 11, 2014

Problems after upgrading to Windows 8.1 on VAIO notebooks

This post  can be additional to previous (Upgrading to Windows 8.1) but is targeting on particular case  VAIO model  SVE14A2V1RW. Though, I guess not only VAIO models suffer from this problem.

Symptoms: After rolling up 8.1 update to Windows 8 VAIO notebooks, cooling system running at full speed making loud noise. Also it drops power saving efficiency.
      In some forums people suspect  malfunction and took their notebooks to service centers. In some services, specialists suggest to restore back Windows 8 because they have no idea how to deal with this case. In fact, problem could be easily fixed.

 Solution: Problem is in Catalyst driver that manage Intel integrated graphics and Radeon discrete graphics card. To repair this, after you finish updating to Windows 8.1, you have to visit VAIO support page.

1. You need to install some drivers from

Preinstalled Drivers and Utilities

Windows 8 section.

Download and install:
 Intel® Management Engine Interface driver
 Intel Chipset Driver ,
AMD Radeon HD 7570M - HD 7670 Graphics and Intel® HD Graphics 4000 driver,
 Intel® 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller.

2. Then open Windows 8.1 section on the same page.

 And now install updated drivers:
SATA Driver (Intel) -
Graphics Driver (AMD) -
Wireless LAN Driver (Intel) -
Sony Firmware Extension Parser - 1.0.0
VAIO Control Center - 6.0.19/6.0.20/6.1.12/6.2.11/6.3.6 + .09270
other drivers and apps from this 8.1 list you can download if you want.
Also I suggest to install all updates comes from VAIO care  update application.

3. After reboot you will enjoy silent work as it was before 8.1 update! )

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