Saturday, September 18, 2010

Russian Milestone update

This is the first successful firmware over the air (FOTA) update for Milestone in Russia. There are not much serious updates and improvements, but it first step to prepare for the serious 2.2 update which will arrive lately this year.
The most noticeable features - music not suddenly started when you unplug headphones!!!
yeah! So many people reported about this bug and was waited for the fix. Next one, IMHO, useful improvement is ability to set time before autolock turns on. I personally turns screen off using power button to avoid accidental screen touches. Sometimes just after I turn it off I need to turn it back to make something. Before this update, it was required to unlock phone again -a bit annoying. Now if you turn screen off there is a period (10 mins by default) before phone will be locked. So you can turn screen off but not lock phone immediately! Among this there are few more fixes. Improved memory accessing so phone become more stable now. At least random self rebooting caused by thirds party applications gone. Enjoy and lets wait for November Android 2.2 firmware release!

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