Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fixing Excel 2007 crash

Been upgrading since my last post so have some new solutions for some unsolved system problems.
First is Excel... after new system installation , installed Office 2007 enterprise and found that everything work fine but excel. When I stat it and open file or double click Excel file (no matter what kind of) Excel files.. and crash closing app.
Very strange because I had the same installation on same system (Vista 64 SP2) and it works without problems. So I start digging.
Trick with DDE check mark doesn't work - well it stop crashing but more often file not found problem appears. I saw several solutions on MS forums but most of them regarding Excel 2003 and mess up with previous installations - not my case anyway!
Analyzing situation I clear understood that the only problem can be are third-party add-ins that somehow incorrectly initializing by excel. So , I have only 2 of them - Adobe Acrobat PDF add-in, and Asus (Widcomm) Bluetooth send add-in.

Removing registry entries not a good idea since Office 2007 have advanced settings to manage add-ins. Just disable in Excel settings Bluetooth add-in startup and my case solved! (Also you can try to disable other if it doesn't help). Hope it was helpful!

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