Friday, February 06, 2009

Upgrading Motorola Q gsm to WM 6.1

Im going to show you how to upgarde your MotoQ GSM from WM6 to WM 6.1
(Its not official way - only for non locked phones)
Do at your own risk! Warranty voids!

Whats the point ?
+ You got nice Sliding panel home screen control
+ Location services based on GSM base station (alternative GPS)
+ Built-in Java (its back! I really miss it on Motorola Q coz need to install Jeodek version)
+ Cut`n`Paste function - very needful !
+ Save Bluetooth received files to any location ! (including SD card)
+ latest Mobile OS version with new office mobile and latest improvements!

First of all you need RSDlite: ... 145827.rar


Firmware itself: ... 41_1FF.rar

Now you have files and we ready to start.
First , don't forget to backup your phone memory data.
All data from phone memory will be erased! I'm not sure if Sprite Backup will be fine for this because we going to upgrade OS and as I found restoring data from WM6 to WM 6.1 not work as good as should - double links, broken shortcuts and so on. So I suggest syn with PC backup all SMS and E-mail data using Jeyo Mobile companion and make a list of installed applications - better will be to reinstall them even if they are on SD card.

So, I hope you have experience to work with RSDlite Motorola Flashing software. Its been used for a long time for most of Motorola phones from p2k platform to current Bulverde. So , in case you don't have Moto Q drivers - can find them on Motorola developers site.

Then just plug USB cable to your PC and start RSDlite - if everything is ok - it will show you that you Motorola Q connected via USB. You may see all info about it (IMEI , s/n etc)

Next, you will need to select firmware file (downloaded using link above) and just start flashing - thats it! It will take time - about 30 minutes. Better pray and don`t touch computer nor phone.

After successful flashing you can see you phone become a bit Chinese.....errr! Don`t worry - its ok since firmware came from China friends ) So.. on top you see a usual launch bar with set of applications. (see on pic.)

So select settings and go to Regional setting(one click right then press E) and select US English to switch to English ....

Finally..reboot and enjoy!
You got unique Motorola Q gsm with Windows Mobile 6.1 !

See how it works!

This firmware is engineering stuff - so it have some debugining tools built in. In all other ways its working stable release!
In case you decided to revert back to WM 6 here is original Motorola Q gsm firmware (US): ... 02_1FF.rar | 49433 KB


Gonzalo said...

only have english language? I´m interesting in spanish. Send awser to
greetings from yucatán, México

J_Holst said...

nice to see all the links are broken please re do this stat i need 6.1!!

abhineet said...

I did everything ..but flashing was failed!! whats the problem??