Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Problems with booting system came from previos macbook on new one

After new solid case Macbook arrives I decided to put my old 500 Gig hdd from previous Macbook in the new one. Since now accessing to hard disk much easer - its just under the same cover as battery - I though it will take few minutes to spare, but in fact there are some underwater stones...
First after I did what I plan new mac boot got infinite reset cycle trying to boot from "old" HD - I had all latest updates installed to leopard so I have no idea why it wont work. Trying to boot from my Leopard 10.5.0 install dvd have no success either. So I backup my hd old system to another drive , erase and install system from dvds that comes with new macbook, then transfer user setting from backup. All done!
So, as I found new EFIs have some changes on boot code - don`t know why exactly Apple change this things maybe its a some kind of certificates those used to be updated from model to model , maybe it was just a bug - anyway I wonder if you have hard disk with Tiger version os OSX will you also get the same issues ?

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