Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lightwave 9.x OpenGL acceleration tip

Some people report slow OpenGL reaction in Lightwave`s modeler even with powerful graphics cards. For example, in default configuration with my GF 8800 GTS it works very slooow with objects larger then 1000 polygons. Compares to Maya or Luxology`s Modo - they can easily handle much more heavy objects with no delay. I spent some time to discover the reason. Check your Display settings in Modeler, there, you will find GL tab. There are some settings that by default set to some kind of safe mode.

On the pic you see correct settings (for nVidia boards at least, not tested on ATI).

First - texture size - only depends on amount of your GFX card memory, even with 2048x2048 it fly as well as 256x256.
Second - important- use multitexture engine instead of GLSL for acceleration. Next one, transparency sorting - doest affect speed. Finally goes second important thing - buffered VBO - it enables cache mode for your graphics chip. And I dont recommend you to use mipmapping since it useless for latest cards. All other settings depends on functions supported by your video card. I set them on because 8800 provides best visualization result with no speed degrading. Enjoy!

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