Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fedora 7 install on VMware physical partition

I found some problems during install process of FC7 on VMware`s disks when they configured as physical partitions .

For successful installation (if you going to format, or repartition disks) you need to let Fedora full access to disk. So you need to make a new disk under VMware and choose entire physical disk instead of partitions - don`t worry Fedora installer will see other partitions and let you select what partitions to change. Thats it! When you got Fedora booting fine you can go back to Virtual Machine setup and make another different disks (to replace current disk with full drive access) with physical partition selected to avoid damaging data on other partitions (but its not so critical in fact).

For those of you who want to know why is that: VMware can`t trick guest operation systems thinking that selected f partitions are independent disks (unless you using hardfiles for VM disks). In fact Vmware just preventing access to partitions those are not in list. So if, for example, you have 500 Gig drive with 4 partitions (boot, VFAT, ext3, swap), and decided to choose linux partitions as independent drives(one for boot and, one for /root and swap), Linux will see complete 500 Gig drive for every partition. So Linux will think you have two different 500 Gig drives. And as you can guess you get cross pointing problem. Also Grub will not be able to get access to boot block. Thats why its so important to let hard disk and partition tools see drive as it is.

Thanks to many people who share with this solution!

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