Saturday, June 10, 2006

DI-604 router & UDP forwarding

Looking around for solution of this problem.
UDP events can`t pass through this router eventually. For example, setting up Shareaza (lets say default port 6346) on router`s firewall - adding rule for this port WAN, any IP to LAN, my computer`s IP, port 6346 to 6346, both (UDP & TCP). Result - connection test - TCP - ok, UDP - no answer. Shareaza also reports that there are connection problems "You are behind NAT or firewall". I spent lots of time trying to understand what's going on - changed different port numbers, added separate rules for UDP and TCP, even put my comp in Demilitirezed zone (in router terms means what firewall is disabled) - nothing helps - TCP works perfect UDP not. Status monitor shows that some UDP connections are successful. At the same time Shareaza`s connections seems to work - connecting to servers (all networks), uploading and downloading works. To make sure the reason is inside router I made direct connection and everything works.
So if there anybody who knows how to solve this UDP problem - I will be very appreciate!

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