Friday, December 08, 2006

Maya 8 (Win32) fatal error at startup

Problem: Maya 8 (Win32 ver (win64 not tested)) startup failed with error message "fatal error: saving to C:\temp\". Usually appears on notebooks (because of weak gfx system). Also may appear on desktops with old or poor gfx cards.
Solution: Disable triple buffering in your gfx card setup (ATi control panel e.g.). If problem persists , check your Maya file license one more time.

Also I want to add that after Autodesk bought Alias - Maya becomes too buggy (now 10th patch available to fix program bugs). As buggy as 3DsMax....sad....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mac OSX 10.4.x and new MacPro (Dual Xeon)

Recently found installers problem with new MacPro (Dual Xeon 3gHz) reported by different people.

Symptoms: Installing applications problem. When you running installers that requires user authentication, you will get message about insufficient privileges even you logged in as admin account or single user on comp. When trying to update Mac`s firmware no react for Shutdown button, while "Cancel" works and aborting process so you`re unable to update. And some other processes those requires user login confirmation or authorization.

Pre-installed version of Tiger is wrong for this Mac.

You must reinstall OS X form disks supplied with this Mac Pro. You may choose install with preserving user data and setting. Erasing not necessary. After succesfull reinstalling system, first download firmware update, update your firmware (if it will work fine it will confirm that everything now works correctly). Then you may download and apply all available updates for your OS.

P.S. Was hard to define problem because everything seems to work unless you try to install something (especialy with VISE (TM) installers. Strange, but even in this situation some installers works- at least Adobe CS2 installs with no problems.
I hope it works for you! Good Luck!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

MMS настройки для Beeline для Motorola MPx220

В свое время столкнулся с определенной сложностью настройки MMS для сматрфонов Motorola поскольку там настройки состоят из нескольких разделов - общий для все соединений, и возможностью выбора для каждого сервиса свои.

Для начала в разделе настройки выберите пункт Data Connections
затем выберите раздел настройки сети MMS:

Далее в разделе GPRS создайте профиль для MMS настроек

Обратите внимание что в настройках MMS поле для IP оставляем пустым!
Login: beeline
Password: beeline
DNS - остается нетронутым.
Далее выходим в основное меню и там выбираем пункт MMS settings:

Далее создаем профиль непосредственно для MMS службы - можно отредактировать существующий. В качестве WAP Gateway указываем IP из данных от оператора (в нашем случае Beeline). Port оставляем по умолчанию 9201

Все! Проверяйте правильность настроек отправив сообщение с любым символом на номер 000.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

DI-604 router & UDP forwarding

Looking around for solution of this problem.
UDP events can`t pass through this router eventually. For example, setting up Shareaza (lets say default port 6346) on router`s firewall - adding rule for this port WAN, any IP to LAN, my computer`s IP, port 6346 to 6346, both (UDP & TCP). Result - connection test - TCP - ok, UDP - no answer. Shareaza also reports that there are connection problems "You are behind NAT or firewall". I spent lots of time trying to understand what's going on - changed different port numbers, added separate rules for UDP and TCP, even put my comp in Demilitirezed zone (in router terms means what firewall is disabled) - nothing helps - TCP works perfect UDP not. Status monitor shows that some UDP connections are successful. At the same time Shareaza`s connections seems to work - connecting to servers (all networks), uploading and downloading works. To make sure the reason is inside router I made direct connection and everything works.
So if there anybody who knows how to solve this UDP problem - I will be very appreciate!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Replacing noisy fan with heatsink on ASUS A8N-SLI motherboards

Most of ppl reporting that their new motherboards A8N series (except Premium ver) have annoying noise from chipset fan. Seems that Asus use cheap fan that running at very high speed (about 6000 RPM).

At first I thought about replacing it with another , quiet cooler like IceHammers NB-Cooler with Cu heatsink and low noise fan, but after searching the web I found that there is better solution - Zalman ZM-NB47J fanless heatsink. Its cheaper and have adjustable pins for better compatibility. IceHammer`s heatsink pin holes are NOT compotable with this board!
WARNING! It is taller then original ASUS cooler! On left photo you can see ZM-NB47J (right one) and NB-Cooler (left one).
So lets start! First of all have in mind that you doing this at your own risk! This operations may void warranty!

Take your motherboard out on table, and carefully remove original heatsink from motherboard. From the bottom side of it, you will notice how pins fixed and gently free them with pincers. Now when you removed Asus heatsink your mobo will look like this ------>

Clean the chip surface from original grease, but I suggest you to leave the original thermal pad (on photo around chip) for better thermal connection. Next , put Zalman`s grease or if you have better one (e.g. KPT8).
Then, do mounting according heatsink manual for adjusting pins for motherboard`s mounting holes. Please, be very careful not to damage the chip so try not to move heatsink when it will be mounted! Finally ensure that all fitted firmly in place.
Now , after power on, go to BIOS and switch off chipset fan monitoring - since you don`t have it now, or you may receive a warning message ! ) that's all!
If you do everything right, you will enjoy cool and silent work from your motherboard. I found that in most cases it is more effective then original Asus chipset fan - temperature at least the same (~33-37C).
Some people suggest to put additional quiet fan for this heatsing , but its not needed in fact, especially if you have a good computer case with front and rear coolers.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Atomic station online!

At last I start my own blog. I`m going to post some useful tips for those who own mobile phones, home theatres and of course computer owners!